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2014 New Year Address (Speech)
Time: 2014-3-13   Hits: 14168 

                                 2014 New Year Address (Speech) 

                                 ----- by Chairman Zhu Haixiao


  Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, my beloved TIMS      fighters: Good Evening!


A new beginning always brings changes for good! It is the high time for us to give an annual summary for the past and a warm welcome to an entire new coming year; it is also the time for us to give a serious look back for TIMS’s past ten years and an expectation for the New Year 2014. Today’s party will begin with two words: celebrating and expecting. Celebrate the past amazing 10 years and expect for the next promising 10 years!

        Just for this moment, I would like to show my greatest gratefulness and most sincerely regards to Zhou Yazhou、Tanyong、Liu Chuang、Chen Qiyun、Lin Yunquan、Lin Weifeng and Li Kaishun who are still fighting for TIMS at YH scene now; to Mo Le、Yi Dayou who are providing services for Haier customer; to the salesman Gong Zhongseng who is responsible for Chongqing’s market expanding…etc. Thank You!

By the passing 2013, we, generally speaking, have gained great achievements even though both the international and China’s markets in this field are in a bad situation.  

         By the passing 2013, we expanded the market of water heater liner enameling production line and its according techniques; we successfully developed the technology of the Third Generation for Water Heater Liner Automatic enameling Machine and improved the skills on water heater liner automatic rinsing treatment. Till last year, we strengthened our business relationship with Haier Group in Qingdao and Midea Group、Changxing Home Appliance in Shunde.
         By the passing 2013, we have summarized and optimized the gas-fed enamel furnace technique merits、the furnace air curtain、metal shingle and resistance wires technology which secured the market share in Vanward Group.

By the passing year 2013, we’ve accomplished the construction of washing machine powder spraying line in Galanz where has become another sample visit site for our customers.

By 2013, we accumulated the techniques and experience on the manufacturing and installation of general specification painting line and then indulged ourselves into the research and grasp of enameling core technology.

By 2013, we had entered the market of several big home appliance tycoons including Midea Group, Haier Group, Galanz Group and Vanward Group.

By 2013, we have been making efforts on HR adjustment and improvement to build a better administrative and management team.

By 2013, we have been focusing on employees’ thinking patterns as well as the management staffs’ ability through training and mental talks. 

         By 2013, we managed expanding our TIMS group from Shenzhen、Dongguan to Hubei Wuhan. With the success of registration, industrial construction area application for Dongguan TIMS Automation Equipment CO.,Ltd., which sited in Qiaotou Town with a coverage area of 13517.6m2  and smoothly fulfilled the registration and application for Hubei Tims Technology with an area of 100050 m2.

By 2013, to a large extent, employee’ salary and other benefit treatment has been improved resulting in taking up 18% of the whole turnover.

These above achievements are tightly related with every TIMS member’s hardworking and effort as well as your families’ greatest support in the past ten years.

By this chance, I would like to show my sincere thanks to you and your dearest families. Thanks for your dedication.


2013 is the last year of this passing decade. We did sharp our sword in a decade!


 During the passing decade, we accomplished the job of regulating and advancing company’s management frame and system;

 During the passing decade, we had cultivated a team with outstanding and overall abilities ranging from professional technology, marketing, procurement, finance, manufacturing and administration functions. We have learnt how to fight in our own way with brains.

 During the passing decade, we developed the automatic machinery production chain of various types including high-end enameling equipment, high-end painting equipment, high-end powder spraying equipment and equipped auto device.

 During the passing decade, we have successfully occupied the market of coating equipment and Middle class enameling equipment.

During the passing decade, we have formed a primary TIMS brand which led TIMS to a god field reputation.

During the passing decade, we have summarized something important from the experience of foreign trade projects on spot construction following up which laid a practical foundation for us to welcome challenges from all over the world.

For the past ten years, TIMS finished the capital accumulation process and turned to a new page of another decade.

Tims Group has had its own organizational frame and preliminary layout after 2013.


At this moment, again, I want to show my great thanks and appreciation to those who have been ever-lasting loyal to this team for over 10 years. They are Wu Haibo, Zhu Yunming, Lin Qinghua, Zhu Anming, Zhuzhou, Fengliang, Gan Zhengyi, Tang Xingding, Fang Chuanqiu, Zhou Linli, Zhou Yazhou, Li Yanli, Wei Rongjing and Xiang Rongfu. Thank you! For your understanding, for your loyalty and your never stopped spirit of sharing sorrow and happiness!

Meanwhile, thanks also go to those who had made contribution to TIMS but have resigned for these contributions counted a lot too!


2014 will be our first year to step on another ten years of TIMS group with stable but fast pace.

2014 also will be a joyful and wishful commencement for TIMS group’s second decade:

1. The whole team has looked entirely refreshed than ever before together with the most active, creative and cheerful working attitude from staffs.

2. On January 13, a contract with Japanese-joined venture Wuzang Paint in Zhongshan has been signed and now the down payment for it has been transferred.

3. On January 14, we accomplished the construction start ceremony of Hubei TIMS technology Industrial Park.

4. On January 15, the launch of robot automatic enameling project for Haier has realized to load and unload products automatically, transfer working stations automatically without manual work and it was of high efficiency. The project was first created by TIMS both in land and over world in this field with a new promising market and economic increase for the year of 2014 and 2015.

5. On January 16, the whole capital acquisition of Dongguan Qingyang Machinery Corp. by Dongguan TIMS Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. has cleared the road for  Dongguang TIMS development.

6. On January 18, the deal of about 13 million with Dongguan Karrie Group in Fenggang site has reached the top of our history orders.

Do not look down upon our not being tall and strong physically, we do have enough nuts and energy!

Do not judge only from the staff numbers since here one employee counts for three!

For the next 2014, here list several emphasized big events that need to be done:

1. Continue to optimize and develop the automation in coating and enameling equipment; make market room for electrophoresis machinery;

2. Keep maintaining the mid-high end market for enameling and painting line; focus on high-end enameling equipment business;

3. Accept the orders of mid-low end painting line and enameling line which already cover wild market to make preparations for Hubei TIMS running;

4. Finish the construction and trial run for Dongguang TIMS;

5. Finish the first stage construction for Hubei TIMS’s company;

6. To get trial for the original share reform of Hubei TIMS Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd;

7. To apply patents for the products and technology that already been in advanced position;

8. To outsource administrative classed for partial employees for the purpose of improving the living, working and thinking values and management ability;

9. To strengthen corporation’s union to get win-win results by taking every advantage of each other’s strengths and optimizing the source;


Ladies and Gentlemen: 2014 will be a historic and most important year for TIMS! It will be the year during which all the TIMS members should work like a reborn with no fear of the sweat and torture from your tasks!

We had already made 2013 as a busy and fulfilled year and we must conquer all coming difficulties and challenges in 2014!

My dear friends: 13, 14 sound forever and long, at this special moment, to realize the perfect scheme and goals of TIMS, let us hit the road together now!

That’s all! Thank you for your attention!

(Next welcome to watch our annual show)

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